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Thinking of Vaucansons´ Digesting Duck from 1739 and the idea of simulating life, the fur-animal is reduced to the basics of this intention: a slowly breathing fur-ball with lightsensitive, wiggeling snaily eyes is controlling (and listening to) a very special analog instrument playing a Swanlake-tune. Instead of demonstrating its inner physical processes, it shows its reaction on stress: in case of being blinded, its getting really nervous. While its breath is accelerated to a maximum, the motor, which turns the disc to crank the little musicbox, is freaking out. It calms down in a dark surrounding and seems to feel save, relaxed and cosy then, purring like a little kitten...
But still the disc in front of it appears to be a mirror, showing the LEDs and cables inside of its own robot-body.
With Daphne Keramidas.